Sustainable travel with Nonanteneuf

Responsible travel has become an increasingly important selection criterion for travellers. At Nonanteneuf, we have placed sustainable development at the heart of our priorities. To make your stay both beneficial and environmentally friendly, we offer products and services that preserve our planet. We are firmly committed to implementing solutions for waste management, optimising energy consumption and reducing water consumption. By choosing to stay in our flats, you are helping to support the local economy and preserve biodiversity, while enjoying a responsible travel experience.

Nonanteneuf's sustainable commitments

Households are organised on a weekly basis for long stays.
The replacement of bed linen and towels is not organised on a daily basis in order to reduce our water consumption, the use of household cleaning products and our electricity consumption.
The household products used by our cleaning teams and provided in the accommodation are eco-friendly.
Water-saving systems for sanitary facilities have been introduced.
Guests are made aware of the waste sorting system and are informed of the location of the sorting bins. In addition, all flats have kitchens equipped with reusable crockery to reduce waste.
Thanks to the flexibility of the length of stays, the occupancy of the establishment is optimised, thus avoiding cold beds.
Our apartment-hotels are accessible by public transport and located in the heart of city centres.
Offers are put together with local partners (restaurants or service providers such as e-bike hire).
Our establishments have charging points for electric cars.
Some recently built establishments have been designed to be energy efficient (electric panels, triple glazing). Other establishments are being renovated and measures are being taken to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings.
Our work processes are fully digitised, enabling us to optimise the use of our resources.

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