General booking conditions

1. Preamble

Coucou&Co is a rental agency that rents properties belonging to owners, in the name and on behalf of them. Coucou&Co acts as an intermediary between the owner and the traveller.

The general conditions of the OTA (Online Travel Agency), such as, Airbnb, etc., take precedence over the general conditions of Coucou&Co, if the reservation is made on one of these online OTA platforms. On the other hand, if the reservation is made directly on the Coucou&Co website, the present general conditions are the only ones applicable.

2. Arrival and departure times

Arrival: We do our best to ensure that your accommodation is available as soon as possible. In principle, arrival is between 4pm and 8pm, unless otherwise agreed with Coucou&Co. Please let us know your approximate time of arrival.

Departure: On the day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 11am at the latest, unless otherwise agreed with Coucou&Co. A late departure without notifying Coucou&Co may result in additional costs which will be deducted from the guarantee of the stay, especially if the delay prevents the cleaning company from accessing the accommodation.

3. Reservation and payment

In general, a deposit of 50% of the price of the stay is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance of 50% is to be paid one month before your arrival.

Payment method: the 50% deposit is usually made by credit card. For reservations made more than 30 days before the start of the stay, the payment of the deposit can be made by bank transfer upon request sent by email to Coucou&Co at In any case, the 50% balance to be paid before your arrival is by credit card.

4. Default of payment

In the event of non-payment of the reservation (50% deposit) by the traveller within 72 hours, Coucou&Co reserves the right to cancel the reservation without consequence.

In the event of payment of the deposit, but non-payment of the 50% balance one month before arrival at the premises, Coucou&Co reserves the right to cancel the reservation without refund of the deposit, if the reminder email sent by Coucou&Co containing an additional payment deadline is not respected.

5. Guarantee deposit

If the reservation is subject to a guarantee deposit, it is intended to cover any damage caused by the traveller (Art. 15, Art. 19 and Art. 20) or to cover any exceptional costs incurred as a result of non-compliance with these general conditions, in particular Art. 2 (late departure), Art. 8 (violation of the general rules of procedure) and Art. 20 (additional cleaning costs).

The traveller pays the guarantee in advance, at the latest when entering the rented accommodation. Depending on the circumstances, the totality or the balance of this guarantee will be refunded to him after the final statement, within 30 days following the end of the rental period.

In the event of non-payment of the guarantee deposit, Coucou&Co reserves the right to cancel the reservation without consequence.

6. Entry inventory

All accommodations have been checked and examined by Coucou&Co. The descriptions given are in accordance with reality and have been written in good faith. On arrival, please report any damage, missing equipment, defects or other complaints by phone or email to within 24 hours. In the absence of any dispute, the inventory of fixtures will be deemed to be in conformity and accepted unconditionally.

7. Charges

Charges (electricity, gas, heating, water, etc.) are included in the rental price paid, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the rental advertisement. Expenses not included in the rental price (if mentioned) are deducted at the end of the rental period and must be paid in CHF on invoice.

8. General rules of procedure

The traveller undertakes to use the rented accomodation with care and in accordance with its use, as well as to show consideration for the other occupants of the building and neighbours. The rented accomodation can at most be occupied by the number of people mentioned in the advertisement. Children under 2 years of age are not included in the account.

If the traveller seriously violates the commitments of use and care or if the accommodation is occupied by a larger number of people than agreed, Coucou&Co is entitled to deduct the rental guarantee.

9. Animals

Domestic animals (including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) are prohibited, unless otherwise agreed with the owner.

10. Household linen

The whole household linen is provided, unless otherwise specified: complete bedding, towels, as well as kitchen towels.

11. Smoking prohibition

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the common areas of the building and inside the accomodations.

12. Wi-Fi / TV network

Access to the Wi-Fi / TV network can be included in the rental, depending on the description of the accommodation. Coucou&Co cannot be held responsible for any temporary interruption of the Internet / TV service due to the ISP or any other cause beyond its control. No refund or commercial discount will be made in the event of unavailability of network access.

13. Heating / Air conditioning

Coucou&Co cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the air conditioning or heating for any reason beyond its control. No refund or commercial discount will be made in case of unavailability during the stay.

14. Third-party liability insurance

The traveller declares to be insured for third-party civil liability and on request will communicate the address of his insurance company to Coucou&Co.

15. Traveller’s liability and damages

The traveller will take all necessary precautions to avoid causing damage of any kind. The traveller is liable for all damage, deterioration or loss caused by himself, by the other occupants for whom he is responsible or by any other persons invited to the premises; his fault shall be presumed.

The traveller undertakes to cover the costs resulting from such damage, deterioration or loss. To this end, Coucou&Co is authorised to take all or part of the rental guarantee. If the guarantee is not sufficient to cover the amount of the damage, the traveller is required to pay the remaining amount, on invoice sent by Coucou&Co. In case of refusal of payment, Coucou&Co will initiate a legal procedure.

16. Coucou&Co’s liability

Coucou&Co takes care of the reservation and the proper execution of the reservation.

In general, Coucou&Co declines all responsibility for any lack of use not resulting from its fault. Its liability is also excluded for the acts and omissions of the traveller (including other occupants and guests), unforeseeable or unavoidable acts or omissions of third parties, cases of force majeure or events that any person used by Coucou&Co could not foresee or avoid despite due diligence.

17. Cancellation of the reservation

If a traveller wishes to cancel his reservation before entering the premises, the cancellation policy mentioned in the advertisement is applicable.

Coucou&Co reserves the right to cancel the rental before or during the stay, if unforeseeable circumstances or a case of force majeure would make it impossible to enjoy the accommodation. Coucou&Co reserves the right to assign the traveller another accommodation with similar or better characteristics. If the latter refuses to transfer the reservation, Coucou&Co will refund the full amount of the reservation for the remaining part of the stay, or for the entire stay if it has not started.

18. Early termination of the stay

In the absence of written communication and explicit authorisation from Coucou&Co, a traveller who abandons his accommodation before the agreed date loses the right to an eventual refund of the rental amount.

19. Interventions / Repairs

If during the stay repairs are necessary or urgent to ensure the traveller's use of the rented accommodation, he/she shall immediately inform Coucou&Co. The company invlove the required service providers at the owner's expense.

If repairs must be made to repair damage caused by the traveller (blocked pipes, damaged household appliances, broken windows, etc.), the cost of these interventions will be deducted from the amount of the rental guarantee, in accordance with art. 15. The loss of keys is charged at CHF 100 (replacement of lock and keys).

20. Leaving the premises

At the time of departure, the accommodation must be clean, the dishwasher empty, the dishes clean and tidy and the bins empty. If the accommodation exceeds the usual dirt resulting from normal use, an amount of CHF 45 per additional hour of cleaning may be deducted from the amount of the stay guarantee.

The traveller is required to report any damage caused during his stay. The costs of repairing or replacing damage or breakage discovered after his departure will be deducted from the amount of the rental guarantee, in accordance with art. 15.

21. Disputes and legal forum

Only Swiss law is applicable. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the domicile of the rented accomodation.